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Category: Business

The Vet Detective With Kimberly Shaffer, LVT, PSIvet

The Vet Detective is a quick and candid podcast series for independent veterinary practice owners and managers, where we uncover the underlying challenges that limit a business’ potential and provide a frontline, bottom-up perspective on how to overcome them.

As an LVT with over 20 years of experience and a consultant to over 200 practices, Kimberly knows what works and what doesn’t. As the eyes and ears of the industry, she’s privy to the unfiltered conversations happening around your practice that you’re not hearing. Consider her your practice’s very own private eye.

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Compassion Fatigue with Julie Squires, CCFS, CLC

May 3, 2022

Today we are discussing compassion fatigue with expert Julie Squires, CCFS, CLC, and founder of Rekindle, LLC, and host of the Rekindling podcast.

Compassion fatigue is a critical concern among veterinary professionals. Suicide rates among veterinarians are high and many veterinary professionals report burnout and compassion fatigue. This PSIvet education module helps you support your practice and staff to both recover from previous burnout and prevent future burnout and fatigue.

Learn how to Identify and address compassion fatigue in your practice and more, visit members.psivet.com/education